Welcome to an ISA Certified Tree Service

Tree Services We Provide

Arborist Consultations

Norcal Arborists is a Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture and a member of the ISA Western Chapter. We provide you with a comprehensive viewpoint focusing on tree health, safety, and preservation. This knowledge has been collected over the years by us through many storms, natural disasters, and continuing education with tree professionals and organizations all over the country.

Tree Removals

Sometimes this can be an easy decision and task, other times the tree needing to be removed might be a focal point of your home, have sentimental value, be too large, too dangerous, or just concerning. When making a decision take into account tree health, liability, current and future damages. Norcal Arborists are also risk assessment qualified, which gives us knowledge and the ability to make reasonable predictions of your trees potential in life or failure, so let us help you make an informed decision on the removal  of your trees. 

Tree Pruning

Our pruning services meet ISA Standard Practices for Pruning which focuses on your trees health by removing deadwood, thinning “sucker” growth, crossing or touching branches if small enough, diseased limbs and balancing the canopy. Your trees will be much healthier, live longer and cost less in maintenance with this type of pruning.

Risk Assessment

Hazardous trees regularly lead to property damage, injury, and sometimes death to property owners and tree professionals. For this reason we have taken the extra step in education by obtaining these qualifications from the International Society of Arboriculture, to allow us to provide you with a sense of future prediction on your trees health, failure points, and potential surrounding hazards (targets). Your Requested Arborist will also hold an ISA sanctioned Risk Assessment Qualification Certificate.

Stump Removal

After Tree Removal you are usually left with an unsightly stump on your property that serves no other purpose than to accommodate pests and rodents. We can help in a variety of ways.....

Traditonal Stump Grinding, which removes the stump about 6-12 inches from the highest point, roots are left in place.

Stump excavation, this process digs up the entire stump and leaves you with the remaining underground roots.

Stump X, this piece of equipment is essentially similar to a core driller. It is a 24 inch bit that drills into the wood and removes large stumps quickly without producing any flying debris. It usually goes up to 30 inches below grade, and still leaves roots intact underground.

Land Clearing

We offer land clearing services which we utilize mastication techniques.

Mastication is a fuel reduction process used in forestry management to reduce wildfire risk, and fuel loading by returning the forest to natural conditions. It involves clearing vegetation and essentially mulching the forest, thinning the forest floor. This opens the canopy for more sunlight, increased nutrients, and water uptake by remaining plants and tree.